Innovations | May 2014


Pictor Plus

The Pictor Plus is Volk Optical’s next-generation portable ophthalmic imaging device. According to the company, the mobile device weighs 1 lb. The Pictor Plus produces high-resolution images for initial screening and follow-up treatments, and users can enter patient information directly into the handset. Two easily interchangeable modules provide high-resolution retinal (nonmydriatic) or external eye imaging. Featuring Wi-Fi connectivity, Pictor Plus can seamlessly integrate with any personal computer or mobile device. It is compatible with Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) and multiple image-analysis and electronic medical records software solutions.

TR C-NW400 Nonmydriatic Fundus Camera

The TRC-NW400 nonmydriatic fundus camera (Topcon Europe) produces true color fundus photographs. In addition to traditional nasal, central, and temporal fixation targets, the TRC-NW400 can obtain a complete peripheral view with nine fixation targets. According to the company, available options include small pupil detection and high sensitivity and low flash intensity. With stereo photography mode, the alignment for a stereo pair is performed automatically. By following the prompts on the screen, a stereo pair for stereo viewing can be quickly and easily acquired. The device’s small footprint minimizes the use of valuable space. Additionally, the tiltable screen enables the eye care practitioner to use the fundus camera from several sides, and the device can be located against a wall or in a corner. Images of both eyes can be taken with one touch of the screen. The fully automated TRC-NW400 assures fully automated alignment, auto-focus, and auto-shoot and is DICOM compliant.

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